YOArchimail E-mail Archiving Solutions

Companies of all sizes can take advantages legal, technical and economical with the e-mail archiving secure and modern!

The software creates 1: 1 copies of all e-mails in a central repository to ensure the safety and availability of data for years to come.
Users can access email through Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone extremely fast.


YOArchimail enables companies to comply with the growing number of regulations regarding email compliance, eDiscovery. YOArchimail is also a very important tool that enables companies to protect themselves against the general legal risks or complaints from customers.

Quick searches to increase productivity

The emails are a source of extensive information and crucial. YOArchimail allows allusers to access their e-mail messages easily and quickly, increasing productivity within the company.

Recovery with a click for all users

Users can retrieve email from the archive with a simple click of the mouse. In this way the administrator is not obliged to execute the long process required to restore emails from backup.

Total protection against data loss

E-mails can be lost due to technical problems, such as corrupt PST file, or be deleted by users. When they leave the company, for example, they could eliminate the entire contents of your Inbox. YOArchimail is able to completely reset these risks.

Demo YOArchimail MailStore Server

YOArchimail is the standard for email storage. In this tutorial, we want to show you how easy it is to use YOArchimail, making it a tool for everyday use. YOArchimail will think about backing up your mail, removing the thought of backing up your emails.