PEC is therefore a computer document, the new Technical Rules for the Conservation of Computer Documents (DPCM 3 DECEMBER 2013) impose & nbsp; the PA and the private individuals A set of requirements required to attribute the legal value to the retained computer document, including the following:

  1. The adoption of a standard PEC storage system (Article 3)
  2. The adoption of methodologies, procedures and organizational models aimed at defining the conservation processes most suitable to guarantee the authenticity, integrity and readability of the IT document over time (Art.3 - Art.4 - Art.5).

The PEC received and subsequently printed and archived has no legal validity

All companies and professionals who are compelled to keep the legal value of PEC messages in time must have a PEC message retention system as well as their receipts and attachments.

The system must guarantee the opposing party to trial of the computer document (PEC).


  1. Implement in your infrastructure a storage and retention system for PEC mails that comply with legal requirements;
  2. Appoint a Conservation Manager who will be responsible for drafting the Conservation Manual and to define operational procedures. It will also carry out all stages of the storage and retention process of PEC mail, and will eventually produce the distribution package with legal value to be retained and displayed when needed.



Post Postage PEC

In addition to messages sent, you must keep the delivery receipt (not in paper format, it has no value and automatically deletes the legal value of the PEC mail).

PEC receipt

You should keep the PEC message received complete with attachments (not in paper format has no value and automatically deletes the legal value of the PEC mail)


The PEC service provider is only required to keep the message tracking track for 30 months. Nothing is preserved regarding the contents of the PEC message and any attachments.